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ENSU - Edizione Nazionale dei Testi della Storiografia Umanistica
Biblioteca Riccardiana,
ms. 831, c. 1r (Bartolomeo Facio,
Rerum gestarum Alfonsi regis libri)
The “Edizione nazionale dei testi della Storiografia umanistica” (National Edition of textes of Humanistic Historiography) was established on February 7, 2003, by Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (“Ministero per i Beni e le Attività culturali”) within a broader project aimed to outline the “Return of Classics in Renaissance humanism”. Because the range of the Humanistic historiography, mostly still unpublished or jailed inside unreliable ancient or rare editions, has not been inquired enough, representing an important sphere of interest, due to the full and meticulous recovery of historical Classical models and the significant contribution of precious attestations of authors and texts, so important to the foundation of the Italian and European modern historiography, this National Edition, as its specific and original contribution, aims to survey the witnesses and promote the publication, into critical editions, of historical Latin works written by Italian humanists.